29. August 2014 | Products

Largest board machine in the world

The Billerud Korsnäs Board of Directors has approved an investment of approximately 98.2 million euros in the Swedish Frövi and Rockhammar mills. According to a release of the paper and board manufacturing group headquartered in Solna/Sweden, this decision targets ... more

28. August 2014 | People

Rako: New owners

Management succession has been finalized at Rako Group, based in Witzhave nr. Hamburg/Germany: Matthias Kurtz and Adrian Tippenhauer have acquired 85 percent of the shares from the Koopmanns, the founder's family, making them ... more

27. August 2014 | Economy | Witz der Woche

Joke of the week: Still missing!

A Cumbrian farmer's dog goes missing and he is inconsolable. ... more

27. August 2014 | Economy

Beverage Packaging: Trendy plastics

The beverage packaging industry in North America is expected to reach 26.3 billion US dollars in 2015, with plastic bottles leading the way in popularity. These are the key findings of ... more

27. August 2014 | Economy

Japan Packaging Industry recovers

The Japanese packaging industry grew to 59.4 billion US dollars in the financial year of 2013. According to the figures of the Japan Packaging Institute, that means an increase of more than 2% to in value over the previous year - representing 1.27% of ... more

25. August 2014 | Products

Nabu sailing against "plastics"

The German environmental organization Nabu (Nature and Biodiversity Conservation Union) wanted to raise awareness for the marine litter problem by organizing a 1-week sailing tour along the German part of the Baltic coast. The vessel set sail ... more

25. August 2014 | Products

20 Years of Data Matrix

Technology provider of barcode, machine vision, and lighting solutions, Microscan (Renton/Washington, USA), celebrates the 20th anniversary of the two-dimensional (2D) Data Matrix code. It was invented ... more

22. August 2014 | Economy

GEA will focus on only two business areas

The Executive Board of GEA Group AG (Düsseldorf/Germany) has ratified a new group structure in the context of its "Fit for 2020" initiative. The latter is part of the company's strategic realignment and will be used to ... more

22. August 2014 | Economy

Exports drive growth of aluminium foil

The European Aluminium Foil Association, EAFA, has reported half year results which continue to show a modest, but steady, recovery in demand for both thin and thicker gauges. This is largely led by a strong showing from exports, which are 28% ahead of 2013. Deliveries from ... more

21. August 2014 | Products

Continuously decorated cups

For Fakuma 2014 automation specialist Waldorf Technik (Engen/Germany) is reportedly mining new technologies for manufacturers of injection-molded packaging solutions. So, for example, the second generation of ... more

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