28. July 2014 | Economy

BOPA films to grow globally

Since the development of BOPA film in the 1970s, 2-stage sequential stretching has become the favoured technology for the production of bi-oriented polyamide (BOPA) films. However, in recent years ... more

25. July 2014 | Economy

Folding box industry continuing on a high note

With a production value of about 1.88 billion euros and a production volume of 850,530 tonnes, the German folding box industry achieved an overall high level last year, with only marginal changes from the prior year. At 2.21 euros, sales revenues ... more

24. July 2014 | Economy

Metsä: Continuing growth for packaging made of cartonboard

By its own account, Metsä Board is leading European manufacturer of cartonboard for folding boxes, the world's leading supplier of coated white-top kraft liner for the packaging industry, and a major supplier of paper. Over the past years ... more

23. July 2014 | Economy

Less sites, more synergies

Machinery provider Mall-Herlan has announced, that it will concentrate its different competences and technologies on fewer production sites. With this step of repositioning, the company plans to ... more

23. July 2014 | Economy

Eastern Europe in focus

Eastern Europe in focus Edelmann will move into a new Hungarian production center as early as by the beginning of 2015. This internationally active packaging group headquartered in Heidenheim has had a site in Hungary since 2010 - after it took over ... more

21. July 2014 | Economy

Rattpack takes over Pawag

Rattpack (Dornbirn/Austria) has assumed 100 percent of the shares in the packaging manufacturer Pawag (Wolfurt/Austria). The agreement had been reached recently between the owners, the Ratt and Ittensohn families. The parties will not ... more

18. July 2014 | Economy

New company starts

As of 1 July, 2014 the NSM Magnettechnik (Olfen, Münster/Germany) took over the insolvent H+E Packtec GmbH (Ahaus/Germany). Both now have built the new ... more

17. July 2014 | Economy

Good gains for Gerresheimer

Good gains for Gerresheimer Gerresheimer increased revenues as planned in the second quarter of financial year 2014. According to a company release, revenues in the second quarter of 2014 came to 335.4 million euros, up 2.6% on the prior-year quarter. At constant exchange rates, revenues reportedly grew ... more

16. July 2014 | Products

Removable adhesive for greasy food

Removable adhersive for greasy food The removable, plasticizer-free 42Lpp adhesive from Herma has now received approval for direct contact with food from ISEGA, a German test and certification institute. This approval also applies for greasy foods (correction factor 3) ... more

16. July 2014 | Products

"Nobody else has done this before"

"Nobody else has done this before" In a pioneering move, Eosta has been the first company in the fruit and vegetable industry to supply vast volumes of organically grown products to supermarkets using sustainable trays made of sugar cane fiber. What looks and feels like cartonboard is actually 100 percent free of ... more

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